EcoAlbania is strictly based on open and democratic procedures, defined in detail in the organization’s legal Statute. These resulting internal procedures ensure the effective operation and the sound economic and financial management of the organization. As foreseen by the Statutes of EcoAlbania the foremost formal instruments providing the administration and internal control of the organization are the Board of Directors and the Executive Director.


The Scientific Advisory Board consists of well-known professors of the Tirana University with long experience on scientific research and nature conservation.

EcoAlbania’s staff is a group of experienced and motivated people, leaded by an admirable collaboration.

EcoAlbania Structure_EN

EcoAlbania is fully independent from other bodies or institutions (especially governmental, political, business, etc.). In order to achieve its objectives, EcoAlbania utilizes public and institutional funding and resources. However EcoAlbania chooses funds that are obtainable only through transparent and open procedures, with the sole goal of financing specific actions related to scientific research, conservation, environmental monitoring and environmental education.