Isoperla vjosae – a new species found in the Vjosa River


An article about the new species found in the Vjosa river – the last wild river in Europe, prepared by: Wolfram Graf, Steffen U. Pauls & Simon Vitecek.

In this contribution, scientists describe Isoperla vjosae sp. nov. from Albania. They characterize males, females, and larvae of the new species collected at the Vjosa River using morphological and molecular approaches. Isoperla vjosae sp.nov. is a member of the I. tripartita group, which is widely distributed in the Balkans.

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Study: Identification of water related conflicts linked to hydro power projects in Albania

The findings presented here are intended to provide supporting information for the detailed planning of the HELP-CSO project activities such as the interactive conflict map as well as to support the local environmental organizations, local communities, engaged citizens, scientists, farmers and energy companies to improve the management of conflict cases regarding hydro-power projects in the country.
The assessment study mapped 18 certain cases of hydro-power conflicts repor ted in Albania during the period 2012-2016.

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