Mos ma prek Vjosën - hands off Vjosa Concert

Tirana: More than 4000 people at concert for Europe’s last wild river

One for the river - The Vjosa Story

A documentary for the last wild river in Europe

Connecting scientific expertise to promote Albania’s unique ecosystems

GEO Biodiversity Day

Connecting children to nature.

Growing an eco-citizenry to steward Albania into the future.

Continental Trout Albania

Taking new initiatives to protect endangered species

News & Activities

Foto: HEC-i “Rrapuni 3 & 4” në Shqipëri than tërësisht 4.5 km të shtratit të lumit poshtë digës, Qershor 2017. © Petr Hlobil

New Bankwatch study: European-financed small hydropower plants destroy Albania’s landscapes

++ Two European-financed hydropower projects are causing significant damage to nature and people’s livelihoods, finds a new study by CEE ...
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The Vjosa gets support from the Confederation of Albanian industries © Gernot Kunz

Albanian industrial confederation demands halt of dam plans on Vjosa River

The opposition against the projected hydropower plants on the Vjosa River is receiving further support. In an open letter to ...
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During the roundtable with representatives of construction businesses, Association of constructors, representatives of central and local government, and experts. © V. Kabilli/EcoAlbania

Energy Efficiency brings together construction businesses and experts

On December 15th, 2017, EcoAlbania organized a roundtable on the topic “Energy efficiency in the buildings” with representatives from the ...
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